Stormans Incorporate is a fourth generation, family-owned business located in Olympia, Washington. In 1944, Ralph Stormans opened his first store at the Grand Central Public Market, at 6th and Columbia in Olympia under the name of Ralph's Food Center. This was the first large supermarket inthe Olympia area. It quickly prospered because of the friendly shopping environment and the low prices that were offered. Since that time, Stormans Inc. has owned and operated numerous grocery stores and other related businesses in the Olympia area.

A continued emphasis on 6 basic principals that Ralph based his business practices have allowed Stormans Inc. to remain competitive in an industry where independent grocers are frequently taken over by larger chain stores.

  1. A policy of honest, fair dealings with customers and employees.
  2. Maintain competitive prices, while keeping quality at the highest possible standards.
  3. A desire to remain progressive and innovative.
  4. Hire and develop employees that are enthusiastic and happy with their work.
  5. Insistence on treating customers with the utmost courtesy and respect, realizing that they are the reason for our company's existence.
  6. The attitude of ownership that the profits from business be returned to the local community in as many ways as possible.

As Stormans Inc. has grown it has started and acquired other food and event related businesses. Currently, the businesses include: Ralph's Thriftway, Bayview Thriftway, Bayview Catering and Event Planning, Bayview School of Cooking, Courtyard Cafe, Finishing Touch Florists, Celebrations, and Subway located inside Ralph's Thriftway